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Please fill out the form below to request a personal illustration. I will get back to you ASAP with a quote. If you'd like to learn more about the process before getting started, click the "I want to know more" button for a very descriptive overview! You can always contact me directly for other inquiries as well, at 

I can't wait to draw your ideas!


Ginger Snap
Ginger Snap

Ginger, the Wind Spirit and her Leaves On The Breeze Sprites! When the wind blows, you can find Ginger Snap running, leaping and yipping through the blistering gales!

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Parent and Child Magical Portrait
Parent and Child Magical Portrait

Mother and daughter Magical Portrait as Unicorn Centaurs.

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Casper and Olive
Casper and Olive

Casper the curious MerMeow and Olive the tender-soul Kitty Fairy! These two cuddly cats love to be home with their human family and poke their noses into everything that's happening.

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Commission Form

Thank you! I'll get back to you soon!

Your Email has sent!

Read the How it Works below for an idea of what to expect next

MPP How It Works

How It Works

1 - Email and Photos

Once the form above is submitted, I will email a response ASAP. In this email I will request photos of the subject(s) that show clear features and distinctive markings. Full body photos and multiple views of the face will be the most helpful! I will use all of this information to create a unique illustration!

I will ask you to provide an address for shipping out the prints once your commission is complete.


Images provided and owned by Eliza Leone


Prompt - Ciri as a Corgi Fairy Steed. She loves food and often hovers for leftover food to drop. She has a favorite toy - a pink flamingo.

2 - Rough Sketch,Pricing, Timescale

SKETCH. Once I have all of your photos, I will create rough sketches for you to choose from, so we can make sure it will be an illustration you love!

These sketches will include clear pricing quotes.

TIME. Depending on the detail of the commission, and my schedule will typically take between 2-4 weeks, not including delivery time. If you have a due date for the commission, please let me know!

PRICE. Please refer to the Pricing Chart for a rough estimation.

Designs Copyrighted to Nadia M Carrim

Payment will be received after approval of a sketch and price is confirmed. Next, I will start on the final illustration!

3 - Payment

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Paypal   Click this Link to go to my Paypal Page

Venmo   Add me as a friend on Venmo App


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In your mailbox, you will receive...

1-  Digital file of the final illustration (2400x2400 pixels, 300dpi)

2-  8.5"x11" Inkjet print on matte photo paper (45lbs)

3-  5"x7" Inkjet print on matte photo paper (230gsm)

4-  Digital and Physical Coloring page of your commission

5-  OPTIONAL shout-out and tag on social media

How I will ship.

Every bundle is protected in a single plastic wrap with a recyclable chipboard backing for sturdiness, and shipped in a recyclable rigid mailer with Standard Shipping. Please let me know if you would like to include a USPS Tracking Code.

How will I, Nadia M Carrim, use your art?

1- I will post your commission on social media and on my website.

I will not tag you or provide information beyond the pets' names and personality traits unless you give permission.

2- I may use this artwork, or elements of it, for future creations. 

Please let me know if you have any additional requests, concerns or thoughts about the delivery you will receive. 

4 - Delivery



All artwork is intended for personal use only. Artwork is Copyrighted and Owned by Nadia M Carrim.

MPP Pricing Chart

Pricing Guide

This is intended to be used as an estimation price using a Magical Pet Portrait as an example. For exact quotes, contact me via the form above with a detailed description of your idea and I will get back to you ASAP with sketches and a quoted price.

If you have a budget, let me know. We will find a solution together!

1- Commission Pricing

One Subject (Pet or Human)

$95 (Shipping Included for US Domestic)

This illustration will include one fully illustrated and uniquely designed subject!

This price excludes background elements or extra props.

Additional Pet(s)


Each additional pet included in the same illustration will have a lower cost. For multiple commissions, each subject will be priced at initial charge.

This price excludes background elements or extra props.

Additional Human(s)


Each additional human included in the same illustration will have a different price depending on complexity. 

This price excludes background elements or extra props.


One Pet and Simple Prop


2- Background and Props Pricing

Simple Background and Prop


-A bed or chair and a favorite toy

-A counter top and a ripped up plant

-A field of grass, sky and clouds with a rainbow

Detailed Background and Prop


-A lush pond scene

-A throne room

-Multiple or complex light sources (moon and candles)

3- Shipping and Materials

USPS shipping

-Domestic Standard USPS shipping cost is free

-International Shipping will be calculated upon request. 

Tracking Information

Request if desired. I do not purchase tracking information without a request.

Multiple Pets and Simple Props


Wix_Pet and Detaile BG.jpg

Multiple Pets and Complex Background


SullivanNickFull (1).jpg

One Pet, Simple Human and Simple Prop


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