Nadia M. Carrim
Illustration | Animation 

Versatile 2D digital artist creating vibrant and expressive works of art. Animator, illustrator, and freelance entrepreneur for children's digital content, and personalized commissions.


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Current Work

May 2015 - Current

Freelance • Digital Artist, Illustrator, and Animator

Extremely versatile, quality-oriented, collaborative work ranging from animated stories, character illustrations and 2D animations for games and film. Ready to work on solo projects as well as teams.

  • 2D animations for game, film and icons

  • Children's Story illustrations

  • Character concept design

  • Storyboards

  • 2D games asset design

  • Short films from concept to completion

  • Stylized portraits for pets, families and characters

September 2017 - Current

Store Associate - Amazon Books

  • Working knowledge of book curation and new published works to assist in meeting customer’s interest and needs.

  • Lead in personalizing experience by discovering unique needs.

  • Working knowledge of Amazon and third party devices to assist in guiding customer discovery. E-book and audiobook services, smart home devices and kid-friendly services.

  • Introduce products with clear communication skills, excellent listening skills and seeks to find solutions to unique needs.

  • Pursue resolutions to achieve complete customer satisfaction, going above and beyond customer expectations, and strengthening the company’s brand.


BFA - Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Digital Art and Animation

DigiPen Institute of Technology 2011-2015

Freelance Accomplishments

September 2020- Current

Animated Series - "How Notes Are Like People"

  • Solo Animator, Storyboard artist and Concept artist for a series of short children's animated films.

  • Collaboration with a professional musical composer and poet, the incredible Aaron Grad.

  • Visual communication and storytelling to encourage peer collaboration and personal emotional intelligence with younger children.

  • Tools- Adobe Animate, Adobe After Effects, Procreate

Sunbreak Games - "Care for Our World" iOS Children's Game

  • Remote and on-site team collaboration.

  • Animator, Rigger and Image Editor-

    • Adjusting pre-made book illustrations into workable 2D character assets. (original art by the fantastic Alexandra Ball)​

    • Rig characters after importing assets into Spine (Esoteric Software) with "paper-doll" skeleton tool.

    • Animate animal characters. Animations required a Calm, soothing feeling to exude a feeling of relaxation for young children. 

    • Animations for each animal varied from smooth repeating loops, to unique character animations which reacted to screen- tapping feedback.

    • Prepare animation files for import into Unity, and test game engine to ensure animations work smoothly.

Commissioned Children's Book - "Francesca"

  • Personalized Children's Book for a client and writer Garrett Woodford.

  • Solo storyboard artist and illustrator for a full 32- page picture book.

  • Collaborated with writer Garrett Woodford to create visual interpretations of story.

  • Self-printed from a local printer in hardcover and given to family members.

Code 91 Games - "Primate Shot"

  • Remote team collaboration.

  • Animator and Rigger-

    • Rigged pre-made character assets in Spine (Esoteric Software) and illustrated new assets as needed.

    • Animated gorilla character Ubbe in a wide range of actions which communicated timing, weight and force for an interactive game character.

    • Animations varied from multiple soft character loops, to various forces of punches in multiple different directions by degree (0-180), and emotive success and failure animations. All animations needed to flow together, as well as feel good for the player interactions. A combination of "paper-doll" animations were used, as well as frame- by -frame animations.

    • Prepared all animation files for Unity, and tested in game engine to ensure animations worked smoothly.

    • Excellent communication and regular check-ins with remote, worldwide team.

Global Harvest Foods - Contract Illustrator for Social Media Posts

  • Collaborated with head of communications to create unique artistic posts for facebook and twitter feed.

  • Created bird-centric illustrations and animations to please bird-lovers from Audubon bird food brand.

Radio Galaxy Games - "Book of Dreams" Side-scroller Beat-'Em-Up

  • On-site team collaboration with multiple artists, programmers and designers.

  • Main Enemy concept artist and animator. Whimsical, cartoony, playful, colorful and ridiculous enemies.

  • Team-based collaboration included following Art Director's visual guide, feedback from team, and creative team workshopping.

  • Concept to final designs for 5 main enemies, including visual and functional elements.

  • Animations had a wide variety of interactive purposes, and all required effective force, timing and weight for player's delight.

    • Each enemy had smooth fast and slow moving loops (walking, flying, jumping)​

    • Multiple damage animations for a range of attack directions, and multiple attack animation for variety and force.

    • Each animation was true to the enemy's purpose and created to be playful and delightful for player's exploration.

Work History

Teavana - Sales Associate

  • Customer Service Associate in charge of leading exploration and taste testing on "tea journey".

  • Knowledge of tea, herbs and general non-medical benefits for consumption. Often helped coffee drinkers "make the transition".

  • Typical Store functions, including opening and closing, cleaning and POS operations. 

  • Monthly product changeovers and store updates.

DigiPen Institute of Technology - Teacher's Assistant

  • Wide range of positions, including in-class helper for beginning-level animation classes. Guided students through the basics of solid drawing techniques, and how to apply basic concepts of animation. 

  • Excellent understanding of 12 Principles of Animation and how to use basic shapes for repetitive drawings.

  • Keen eye for student progress, and invested in guiding students through their learning journey.

  • Encouragement and positive attitude was key to helping students. The teacher was allowed to be harsh. My job was to be a cheerleader.

  • Figure drawing monitor - lead weekly sessions.

DigiPen Institute of Technology - Storyboard Artist

  • Main storyboard artist for two collaborative projects- "Muffin's Adventure" and "Bonanzai- Intro to Tanooki"

  • Storyboarded Animated films in ToonBoom Storyboard Pro.

  • Prepared animators for final animations and color designs.