Adobe Animate | Adobe After Effects | Spine (Esoteric) 

Care for our world

ROLE - Animation and processing

Sunbreak Games

Care for our World is an interactive children's book and play set available on iPad created by Sunbreak Games. Based on the award winning children's book by Karen S. Robbins and M.H. Clark, illustrated by Alexandra Ball. Animated with Spine (Esoteric Software) and powered by Unity.

Primate SHot

ROLE - Character Animation

Code 91

Primate Shot is a physics-based mobile game featuring Uhbe, an enthusiastic gorilla staring in a well-loved circus. The animations I created for this character are a series of punches, broken up in pieces for complex player control. The stage is a puzzle in which the player can place a multitude of tools to allow Uhbe to pop balloons with a ball. 

Animations created in Spine (Esoteric Software) and powered by Unity.

Book of dreams

ROLE - Enemy Concept art and animation

Radio Galaxy

Book of Dreams is a 2D sidescroller beat-em-up. Visually abundant and dreamlike, Book of Dreams is a wacky game in which a gang of dreaming children save the day by repairing the Book of Dreams and re-capturing the villain Nyx.

Student project by team Radio Galaxy. Animated with Adobe Flash/Animate, and powered by Unity.